At Ameg Lodge we take our role in our community and our responsibility towards it very seriously.  We have various ways in which we support our community.  For example, from the time Ameg Lodge was envisaged we have designed most of our furniture in-house.  We took on the services of various local craftsmen who manufactured the furniture according to our design plans.   Craftsmen such as iron mongers for our wrought iron beds,  carpenters for our poolside furniture,  doors to the rooms,  and many other items were also brought in.   Potters for our Ameg trademark Claypot Lights were also employed.   We had a team of tailors and seamstresses working on the mosquito nets,  curtains,  and other soft furnishing in the rooms.   Plumbers,  Electricians,  Masons…the list goes on.   We strongly believe in keeping most things traditional and local so as to support the Moshi community financially.  This is reflected at various levels throughout the Lodge.   We are not only proud and honoured to have contributed to our community in this way but we are also thankful for the many relationships and bonds that have been created and fostered over the years.  

We have also through the years been supporters of and donors to various institutions promoting a good cause.   One such institution is down the road from our property and is known as the Upendo Childrens Home.

( ) Upendo has a dedicated and committed team helping in the upbringing of young children who have lost their parents at an early age.   Ameg Lodge are proud to be able to,  in a very small way,  support this honourable cause.  

Another institution that one of Ameg Lodge’s Directors have been personally involved with is The Lions Club ( ).   Our Director Mr.  Dinesh Shah has been an active member of the Lions Club for the past 49 years.   Through this he has been involved with various projects such as eye camps,  blood bank drives,  food drives,  supporting schools working with deaf children,  providing water to villages,  creating road safety awareness,  planting trees to fight deforestation,  and much more.   His dedication and commitment to the Lions Club and the Moshi Community has earned much appreciation and respect,  and he has become a role model for his selflessness and commitment to charity.  

There is a Tanzanian family in Moshi who have touched our hearts and we have become very close to them.   Over the years,  our bond has gotten stronger and we decided to assist the family by contributing towards their daughter’s upbringing.   For the past three years,  Ameg Lodge has been assisting with her education by donation of her annual school fees.   We wish her and her family the very best for the future,  and we pray that Ameg Lodge is in a position to continue supporting her education through the years to come.  

At Ameg Lodge we are also patrons and promoters of sports especially to children.   Recently we had the privilege to sponsor a tennis tournament in conjunction with The International School Moshi.   The two day event saw the participation of over 75 students of various ages as well as 20 adults.  

It is the success of such joint efforts that make it all very rewarding and we hope that we can continue our efforts to be an active member of this vibrant Moshi community. 

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